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"He say you Brade Runna"

Deckard, the Blade Runner. Deckard the man. Deckard, the human.

This is Deckard's identity, paraphrased. Only his gender will remain intact when the film ends. He refuses the persona of "Blade Runner", one who is to be feared and pitied. He can no longer be sure of his status as "human", for Deckard is the unicorn.

"Deckard" is the uniform. "Deckard" is a form. Forms beget structures, indentities arise like high rises, and sutures bind the fissures. Myths (unicorns and uniforms) bring to order the chaotic struggles for supremacy that occur each waking moment between the forms. More and more, in the film and in reality, "humanity" is becoming another fine myth.